Free time for kids should interest both schools and cities

What does play mean? For Francesco Tonucci, also known as “Frato”, it is adventure, discovery, surprise, pleasure, obstacle, risks, transgression, doing things that parents can not know … Playing needs some conditions. The conditions are autonomy, free time and adequate … Read More

Get to know our students on a deeper level to strengthen relationships

We interview Chiara Jorioz, co-founder of Big Picture Learning (BPL) Italy. Everything began when Fabio Pirola the other co-founder, discovered BPL in a book and they bet for bringing it to Italy. They were trained for two years in the … Read More

The key to Steiner-Waldorf teaching: never stay where you are

Janice Hill is an English teacher at the Steiner-Waldorf school of Reggio Emilia. We talk with her about the main characteristics of Waldorf education and how this pedagogy is put into practice. As Janice told us in Waldorf schools generally … Read More

Making smart choices and hard work to make a difference despite limited autonomy

Maria Saponaro, english teacher and Erasmus coordinator at Liceo Attilio Bertolucci explains us how schools can make a difference despite the limited autonomy due to the centralized control from the Ministery. The frame is given by the Ministery so the … Read More

Education is about more than academics

At the MOS München, students don’t feel like a number, they feel like themselves because teachers are interested in them as people, they make them feel as people. It’s not only what happens in classes but the interpersonal contact that … Read More

The Arts in Waldorf education

What makes us humans is that everything inside us is in connection with each other: what I think can be judged by my feelings: “is this right or is this wrong?”, and what I can think and feel, I can … Read More

Handling freedom and learning to take responsibility

For a child to handle freedom is difficult. There are some students that have more difficulties to do it than others that are better structured inside. At the Freie Aktive Schule Stuttgard (FAS) all of them learn step by step … Read More

From hierarchical to flat structures: growing real respect

We talk with Carl Mirwald, headmaster at MOS Munchen about the development of the Montessori pedagogy with young adults. The most important thing for Carl is to be respectful, the students have freedom of choice, not the subjects (mandatory by … Read More

Intrinsic motivation for lifelong learning

Isabel Kaufhold is teacher at the Freie Aktive Schule (FAS) in Stuttgart. We talk with her about the teaching & learning strategies and the pedagogy which is behind the free schools in general and the FAS in particular. The inner … Read More

The Curriculum and the Waldorf teacher training

The curriculum, always in the eye of the hurricane, criticised by many teachers, apparently rigid in many countries and flexible in others. In Germany independent schools have a lot of freedom to develop their own school curriculum. In this interview … Read More