JA Alumni: building a network to support young entrepreneurs

The past May 23th we interviewed Mateo Minoya JA (Junior Achievement) Alumni Network Director in Italy, during the event “Entrepreneurship Fair” organized by JA in Gallipoli (South Italy). Mateo explained us what the program JA Alumni is about. You can … Read More

“Schools should give us more opportunities to develop our entrepreneurial skills

We talk with Lucrecia, member of Junior Achievement (JA) Alumni Italy Community in Puglia (South Italy), about the reasons to take part in this community, the JA event “Entrepreneurship fair” held on May 23rd in Gallipoli and the State Schools … Read More

My personal experience as students and teacher at a Free school

Giulia is a former student and teacher at the Freie Aktive Schule (FAS) Stuttgart. In this interview we talk with her about her time at the school, what she liked most about the school, what she would change and how … Read More

Young refugees: Towards the next horizon

Yassin, former student of SchlaU-Schule and student of MOS München, shares with us his personal story. He moved from Afghanistan to Germany looking for the opportunities he couldn’t find in his country. The opportunity to go to school, to go … Read More

Learning takes time

Teresa is a former student of the Free Active School of Stuttgart. In this interview we talk with her about her stay at the school. She explained us that at the school, she had the time to learn the things … Read More