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Behind the lens

When it comes to describe us, it is always really hard when you are passionate for so many things. We love “Searching for Superman” because within this project, all these things come together.

In February 2017 we started an extraordinary journey through Asia and Oceania looking for inspiring educational projects to show that a better world is possible. While we continued our search, we started enjoying the uncertainty and questioning our lifestyle. In June 2018, 16 months after leaving, we came back home with the feeling that the travel had changed our lives forever.

In October 2018 we started a new travel, this time through Europe, with the aim of taking Searching for Superman to the next level and make it a bigger and collaborative project. We took our van and started crossing France, Switzerland, Germany… Our dream is to develop a documentary in 2021 with all the insights we gather on the road.

During the last six years David has been teaching educators from all over the world how to improve their teaching methods focusing on growing happy, conscious and solidary children. As a freelance filmmaker he started in 2012 the ikaia project, documenting innovative educational projects with the aim of motivating and inspiring others. David leads the research for the documentary and is also in charge of the direction of the film.

David Fernández


Amaia has been working as freelance photographer during the last 10 years. With special sensitivity to portray people naturally and spontaneously, the travel and the project are for Amaia an opportunity to help people doing what she loves and to develop new skills.

Amaia Maguregui

Photography Director

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