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My personal experience as students and teacher at a Free school

Giulia is a former student and teacher at the Freie Aktive Schule (FAS) Stuttgart. In this interview we talk with her about her time at the school, what she liked most about the school, what she would change and how … Read More

How does a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool work?

Silvia Conti is a pedagogue at the childhood school Girasole Palomar, a Reggio Emilia inspired school, born in Castelnovo di Soto (italy) in the year 70. In this interview Silvia explains us how the school works and the main values … Read More

How is Montessori education with young adults?

We talk with Karen Reisbeck, the school principal at MOS München Fachoberschule, about how the school puts into practice Maria Montessori’s ideas with young adults and about many other educational issues.  According to Karen, the biggest difference with other state … Read More

Get to know our students on a deeper level to strengthen relationships

We interview Chiara Jorioz, co-founder of Big Picture Learning (BPL) Italy. Everything began when Fabio Pirola the other co-founder, discovered BPL in a book and they bet for bringing it to Italy. They were trained for two years in the … Read More

The key to Steiner-Waldorf teaching: never stay where you are

Janice Hill is an English teacher at the Steiner-Waldorf school of Reggio Emilia. We talk with her about the main characteristics of Waldorf education and how this pedagogy is put into practice. As Janice told us in Waldorf schools generally … Read More

Critique is not enough

For Ruggero Poi, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto project manager & also Montessori Trainer, education is something that links one person to other person, to the local and global environment. Ruggero explain us how they designed an exhibition based on Montessori ideas, … Read More

Making smart choices and hard work to make a difference despite limited autonomy

Maria Saponaro, english teacher and Erasmus coordinator at Liceo Attilio Bertolucci explains us how schools can make a difference despite the limited autonomy due to the centralized control from the Ministery. The frame is given by the Ministery so the … Read More

Five characteristics of a Change Maker School: Liceo Attilio Bertolucci

We speak with Aluisi Tosolini about the five main characteristics of the high school Atilio Bertolucci, an Italian scientific, musical and sports school, born 10 years ago in the city of Parma, and chosen as Change Maker by Ashoka Italia. … Read More

Erasmus programs in middle School: Istituto Comprensivo San Giorgio Mantova

We talk with Maria Rosaria Grasso teacher at Istituto Comprensivo San Giorgio di Mantova (Italy) recognized by Ashoka as one of five the Change Maker schools in the country. One of the most interesting innovations of the school is its … Read More

Big Picture Learning Italy: students at the center of their own learning

Fabio Pirola started looking for something innovative because he was worried about the results at the school. He was absolutely sure that there was a school in the world that works. In a book called “Drive” by Daniel Pink, he … Read More