Paolo Stufano is the regional coordinator of Ashoka in Puglia (South Italy). On May 13th they celebrated a co-creation workshop about change maker education with the final goal of creating a strong learning community in the region, gathering teachers, school principals, social innovators, organisations around non-formal education and young people. In this short movie Paolo explains us the global and local vision and strategy of Ashoka and the dynamics and results of the workshop.

Next, you can read the full transcription of the interview:

Ashoka in Puglia is basically doing what Ashoka does at an international level and at global level to foster the change. It’s doing that at regional level creating a local ecosystem of innovators working together to achieve the change for the good of all.

Today we have this workshop, this gathering of the community we are building in Puglia around the vision of creating a new change maker education system.

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The main goal of the workshop today was to empower and to co-create an experience of protagonism of youth inside and outside the school. So we gather teachers, principals but also organisations working in non-formal education (outside the school) to ask basically, what have you done so far? What would you like to do in the future to achieve this goal of empowering young people to lead the change?

They worked together in a co-design space. Half of the day was more about analysis and the other half more about co-creation to take the best of what happened so far in terms of education in Puglia and combine it for a common program together for the next years hopefully, to create  a strong community that recognises itself and wants to reach this goal collectively.

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The workshop was pretty effective so we have people involved both emotionally and professionally during all the activities and we came out with three project proposals that will be developed more and more in the next years.

We have a good team now, expanding itself and that’s the main goal of Ashoka, creating and empowering a strong community and then leave itself to lead the change for the good of this region and basically solve of our biggest problems: the youth migration with no basically counterflow, which means losing the most important, productive, creative and sometimes most inspiring part of the society: the young people.

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