Searching for Superman is a non-profit project funded 100% with our personal savings and the money we make from other jobs. All the contents that you see on the web have been generated for free with the collaboration of schools, projects and the people who are behind.

Since we are still on the road and it is difficult to manage, we haven’t started a crowdfunding campaign yet for the production of the documentary. But we will do it. Our intention is as soon as we finish the travel during the summer of 2021 we will calculate the amount of money we need for the production and the distribution of the film, design all the rewards for our supporters and launch the campaign.

If you want to keep updated about the crowdfunding campaign sign up for our newsletter. We only send it once every three Months:

Meanwhile we will appreciate any donation you want to make to the project. The contributions will be used to cover expenses such as the web hosting and hours (& more hours) of editing, transcribing the interviews and blogging. We will cover all the travel related expenses.

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