The Filmmakers


After spending 10 years working for an Engineering Company as telecommunications engineer David decided to quit his job and create a profession in accordance to his passions and his talents. He became educational journalist with the aim of helping people and schools telling their stories of change through video storytelling. Since that he has also developed as teacher in innovative education sharing with teachers in his region all the knowledge he gathers while on the road. As a self-taught freelance filmmaker he is pursuing his dream of producing his first feature length documentary. He is the content curator & editor of the contents you can see in the project website. David leads the research for the documentary and is also in charge of the direction of the film.


Born in Bilbao (Basque Country) Amaia is an accomplished freelance photographer and traveler who has developed her entire career in the field of social photography working mostly with families and kids. She has a special sensitivity to portray people naturally and spontaneously. She has also developed in the last few years as videographer in projects with humanitarian purposes. She is the camerawoman of Searching for Superman and is also in charge of the Photography of the film and the project.