From hierarchical to flat structures: growing real respect

We talk with Carl Mirwald, headmaster at MOS Munchen about the development of the Montessori pedagogy with young adults. The most important thing for Carl is to be respectful, the students have freedom of choice, not the subjects (mandatory by the curriculum) but the freedom to enter the class or not, on how to do the tasks and to critize the teachers or not for example.

MOS Müchen is a private school founded from eight primary and secondary Montessori schools as a way for the children to continue their Montessori education in higher levels. It’s a Fachoberschule, a high school for applied science (Agricultural & Nature, Art, Social and Economics) with students from 11th, 12th and 13th classes and ages from 16-20 years old.

In the development of the Montessori pedagogy with young adults another important thing is to grow self-active learning. The teacher gives “impulses” (tasks, activities) to the students, place, room and time enough for that. Creating good learning surroundings and atmosphere where the students feel respected is crucial.

Another interesting thing is that the teacher doesn’t have the position of power. There is a feeling of community with everybody at the same level (flat structure). Carl says that you feel more vulnerable but the relation is much more intense and closer and the respect is real.

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