Ideenbüro (The offices of ideas)

Christiane Daepp founded the “Ideenbüro” program in 2002 in response to
difficulties at a school. She recognized that children are outstanding problem solvers.
Particularly in areas that affect them personally, children can be extremely successful
in the role of conflict managers. Within the context of the “Ideenbüro” program,
schoolchildren look for solutions to the day-to-day problems of fellow schoolchildren.
The “Ideenbüro” is the contact point in a school for problems of all kinds. Anyone
feeling unhappy, excluded or misunderstood will find a sympathetic ear at the
“Ideenbüro”. The children in charge of the “Ideenbüro” listen to the concerns and
work together with the child involved to find solutions. The range of problems
includes everything from bullying and vandalism to the troubles that arise in pupils-teacher interaction.

Since then Christiane Daepp has implemented her concept of contact points for
problems of all kinds in over 120 Swiss schools. In 2004, just two years after being
started, the “Ideenbüro” project was presented with the Orange Award for
Intercultural Dialogue (first prize) from UNICEF. Christiane Daepp was honoured as a
“social entrepreneur” by Ashoka in

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