The past May 23th we interviewed Mateo Minoya JA (Junior Achievement) Alumni Network Director in Italy, during the event «Entrepreneurship Fair» organized by JA in Gallipoli (South Italy). Mateo explained us what the program JA Alumni is about. You can see the transcription of the interview below.

«JA Alumni Nazione is a program that has started this year and aims to develop the territorial relationships between students in a way that entrepreneurial spirit is spread among all the kids who get in touch with JA and other students.

This year the program includes the participation of about 50 students from all over Puglia from different schools. Students are helped by their teachers and business professionals to develop their ideas, so they can approach the market and turn their entrepreneurial activity into reality.

The activity that has allowed students to do all the work is face to face work with these business experts, several workshops that allow them to develop their own ideas, get out of their comfort zone to test themselves in a totally new environment and different to the school. In particular, here in Italy, the school does not offer the possibility for everyone to become true entrepreneurs and develop their business ideas.

About the Italian school I would change the possibility of entering in contact with the job world. The “Alternanza scuola-lavoro” allows the students to get in touch with what they will find outside but it does not always work. I would try to structure better this possibility. I will try to fill better the difference between studies and the job world through a «Alternanza» that allows you to really enter to play as protagonists and to be able to grow in the best possible way.

The next step of this program is to involve as many students as possible here in Salento and not only 50 who have participated this year. But above all, the main objective is to spread the program throughout the national territory.

What we will do today is to listen to the different «pitch» of the students who in a short time will explain to the jury which their ideas are. Then they will vote for the best idea. At the end of the pitch the students who have taken part in this program will become part of the National network through a graduation party, we will give them a diploma that accredits the participation in the program and that proves the fact that they are real students and can officially belong to the network.

The students have contributed with ideas in which they believe and that is why we try to give them all the possible support through mentorship or through partnerships with consulting companies. These companies will help them not only to find capital to invest and develop ideas, but also to correct business plans and models, so once entered into the large Start-up Market they can survive, develop and why no, they can also succeed.»


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