Teresa is a former student of the Free Active School of Stuttgart. In this interview we talk with her about her stay at the school.

She explained us that at the school, she had the time to learn the things she wanted to learn because “learning takes time”. She played a lot, but at the same time she did a lot of activities, “something really important for a child”, because «she also loved learning new things».

At the free school she wasn’t forced neither to do the same things as others nor to be at the same level as someone else. The school gave her inspiration for doing artistic things, learning by doing and learning languages (Chinese).

When she was a kid, she was a little bit scared about maths, but after being in contact with kids from other schools she felt that she really needed to learn it and she put the energy to do it.

She thinks that the free schools demand a big involvement of the parents because of the concept of a free school itself. The parents have to understand the concept and apply it at home too. They have to support the kids in their interests.

She would also like the school to be a bit more like democratic schools, where the kids are very involved in the development of the rules of the school.


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