We talk with Lucrecia, member of Junior Achievement (JA) Alumni Italy Community in Puglia (South Italy), about the reasons to take part in this community, the JA event “Entrepreneurship fair” held on May 23rd in Gallipoli and the State Schools Program “Alternanza Schuola-Laburo”. You can see the transcription of the interview below.

«I decided to enter this community because I thought it was a great opportunity for all young pupils that have the possibility to share ideas, regards, entrepreneurial stuff and also because you have the possibility to develop your soft skills, economic skills and also entrepreneurial skills. It’s a great project especially for young people who can become aware of the possibilities to develop the features of our territory.

Today here in Gallipoli we have the final exhibition of all the projects created by the students. We can see how this is considered an important result because they have been working in this project through all the year. Moreover we can see how this project is very important since here in Italy schools have a particular project. Because Italy wants to develop working skills for young people. This is why this project was created is order to develop their soft skills. So here at this exhibition all the students have the possibility to show their works and to underline the most important elements of their project and also to show the judges all the steps the have been following through this year.

“Alternaza scuola-lavoro” is compulsory for schools because is part of the final mark which we are given at the fifth year at school. Moreover we can see how this project starts at the third grade, this is, on the first year of secondary school. It lasts three years so during three years we have the possibility to develop different skills according to the type of project you decided to create and to establish. Moreover this project wants to achieve the main economical skills that every young people should have, because now we can see how finances are very important especially if you want to give an important contribution to Europe.

One thing I would change about public schools in Italy is the fact that I would give more opportunities to these pupils to go abroad and find out what are the differences between our system and other systems because actually there are some very important features that here in Italy we don’t have. As an example, schools in other countries are focused on the importance of entrepreneurial skills, while here in Italy economical subjects are not very important. If you go to another school abroad you have different classes regarding economy and stuff like that.

For me success is to make your beliefs true so to use your thoughts and your beliefs in order to create something that can develop your culture and your beliefs.»


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