The big questions

The documentary will show how schools from all over Europe are designing and implementing  innovative education projects based on the latest scientific researches about learning.

These projects put the interests, learning rhythms and the inner world of the students in the center of this design and are adapted to the current social context.

Their main goal is to grow happy human-beings and at the same time prepare them to navigate uncertainty and to face challenges in the future.

The following are the main questions that drive our research:

Which are the core values of the school and its educational model?

How can we build closer relationships between students and teachers?

How can we help students learn to manage freedom and develop self-responsibility?

How can we manage and avoid conflicts ?

How can we design ceducational experiences putting our students in the center of this design?

How can we make our schools more democratic?

How should we deal with technology?

Which is the meaning of success for the young person?

How can we implement the National Curriculum?

Which is the role and the duties of the teachers?

How is the school connected to the community?

How should the students be grouped?

Which are the main tools, process and strategies applied in the daily life of the school?

Anything else?

Do you think that we should include other topics in the documentary? Tell us and contribute to the film with your thoughts, needs, problems…

For a child to handle freedom is difficult. At the Freie Aktive Schule Stuttgart (FAS) all of the students learn step by step what it means to take responsibility with the teachers supporting this process and developing the role of coaches.