This is the first part of the interview done to Micol Pellegrini, teacher at Steiner School in Reggio Emilia (Italy), talking about the Waldorf teacher training.

You can see the full transcription of the interview below:

The teacher has to challenge herself

«As Steiner said Waldorf teachers (at least for the small kids teachers) shouldn’t be professionals in one discipline but they should be happy to enjoy everything even if they are not top level.

It’s their effort (teachers) in getting into something which is what the children get nourishment from.

I really think it’s true because everytime I write for them (the students) even if it’s not high literature, they get really involved in it, they feel really happy and enthusiastic to do it.

You experiment this, day by day so it is what teacher does for the children and how much the teacher challenges herself because it’s very easy to do the things you are good at.

You also have to teach art, you have to teach singing, you have to teach music, sports and try to learn how to coordinate the body...»

Waldorf teacher training is focused on developing teacher’s skills

«We have to continue learning. This has a lot to do with the Waldorf teacher-training course.

It’s normally 3 or 4 years course depending on the frequency of the meetings but the whole initial part is working on your abilities not learning things, not learning things you are going to teach to the children but being able to educate the voice for singing, to play a simple instrument, learning handworks, becoming a little bit more coordinate with your body.

So this is the big work, and then the rest it is not so difficult. The difficulty is really challenging yourself. Some people find it difficult for example to play like the children play.»

Time for Waldorf teacher training at school

«We don’t have like a headmaster or a boss but all the teachers are in a faculty and we hold meetings once a week (the whole Thursday afternoon is dedicated to this) and part of the time we study texts from Steiner or whatever.

The other part of the time is dedicated to practicing one of the different forms of art, it can be singing, eurythmie or gymnastics or painting, and then another part is dedicated to the management of the school.»


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