Young refugees: Towards the next horizon

Yassin, former student of SchlaU-Schule and student of MOS München, shares with us his personal story. He moved from Afghanistan to Germany looking for the opportunities he couldn’t find in his country. The opportunity to go to school, to go to university and in the end, to get a job: “In Afghanistan everything you concentrate in your life is to prepare something to eat for your family.”

He shares with us the difficulties for young refugees when arriving to a new country like Germany and the need of adapting as fast as possible to the culture and learn the local language to survive.

He explains us that his bigger problem at the MOS was that he didn’t know how to learn by himself in an environment in which freedom and self-responsibility are common values.

He also told us about a completely different conception of success than other people had told us before: success for him is as simple and pure as to make his little brother feel safe and happy in Germany.

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